Delivered 2 to 3 times faster thanks to a suitable production process

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The time between ordering internal doors and the actual delivery is often as much as 12 weeks for most manufacturers. This is not because they are reluctant to deliver more quickly, or because they accept too many orders, but because the conventional production system does not allow them to work at a faster rate.

No long lead times

Perhaps you find that having to wait for three months is much too long. Certainly, when it can actually only take 17 minutes to manufacture a finished door. The delay is due to the conventional production process, where the materials have to be processed by 8 machines in order to become a finished door. We succeeded in dispensing with 4 stages. Half as many machines also means that there is 50 per cent less chance of queues building up at a machine, and thereby postponing the delivery time.

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We could only save time by developing a stability panel that serves as a door core for all of our products, regardless of their final configuration. The composition of the materials is such that the door core combines standard fire-resistant, acoustic and burglar-proof functionalities. We do not therefore require additional time afterwards, for example, to ensure that an acoustic door satisfies the fire-resistant requirements.

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A small ecological footprint and the 50 per cent less energy

Our unique production system enables us to only use manufacturing residues from sawmills for the composition of the door core. In this way, for every 500 doors that we manufacture, we save the life of one large tree.

Moreover, we have been able to dispense with a number of energy-hungry stages. This has significantly reduced our ecological footprint. We only consume 50 per cent of the energy that conventional manufacturers require.

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