Art Pavilion (‘Kunstpaviljoen’) Park ter Beuken in Lokeren



In 2011, the town of Lokeren built an art pavilion as an extension to the existing mansion that accommodated the ‘Academie voor Muziek en Woord’, in the ‘Park ter Beuken’. The newly-constructed part contains the main entrance to the art academy, corridors and rooms for playing music, organising exhibitions, giving performances and places for people to meet, on two levels. On the first floor there are classrooms and offices.


Van Duysen is a general joinery and ceiling work contractor, and is a specialist in movable walls and plasterboard walls.



32 doors that had to be fire-resistant (EN 1634-1 - category EI1 30 - Benor/ATG 2673) as well as acoustic insulating (ISO 717-1 - 44 dB). With a delivery time of 3 weeks.


The delivery time that competitors quote for such doors is 12 to 18 weeks. We had to deliver after 3 weeks.

The client

“Acoustics and sound insulation were extremely important for this project”, states Business Manager Eugene van Duysen from ‘Van Duysen Schrijnwerkerij’, ceilings and walls. “The internal doors had to satisfy stringent acoustic standards, in combination with their fire-resistant function. The problem was not so much to find a supplier of fire-resistant doors, but to find someone who could deliver quickly. Suppliers are usually not interested when they hear that they only have three weeks. I had never previously collaborated with Doorsolutions, however I was aware of the reputation of Christoph Baete as a problem-solver in difficult situations.”

Business Manager Christoph Baete from Doorsolutions

“Eugene was at his wits end because he assumed that the deadline would not be feasible. I visited the site in a few times to review the situation, and decided to take the bull by the horns. The 32 doors were then promptly delivered, so that they could be installed on time.”

Eugene van Duysen
Eugene van Duysen

Ultimately, the ordinary internal doors that were already ordered from another supplier, were also recoated by Doorsolutions with an HPL sheet material so that all of the doors had the same finish. This resulted in an extremely satisfied customer.

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