“I am still just as passionate about doors as I was 20 years ago”

I am passionate about doors. My interest was aroused during my engineering studies when I read an article about the terrible fire at the 'Brussels Innovation' in 1967. 300 people died in this fire. In Belgium, this drama prompted new thinking about fire safety in buildings. This resulted in a bill being proposed about one year later. Belgium then became, and still is, one of the leaders in this field in Europe.

Focusing on an efficient production process

In the aftermath of the disaster, research was conducted to find a way to enhance the fire resistance of internal doors. After my studies, I started work in a joinery where I experienced at first hand, just how susceptible the conventional production process is to delays. This started to make me think.

When I started up Doorsolutions in 2006, I made working more efficiently a priority. This resulted in the development of a stability panel that enabled the number of stages in the production process to be halved.

Doorsolutions is ready for the introduction of the CE certification

In the meantime, I also try to use my experience as an entrepreneur in a workgroup from Unizo International that focuses on export. I am also a member of several technical committees in Belgium and at the European Commission. For example, we are involved with compiling the CE certification that will come into effect in the near future. This will enhance the transparency and the unambiguity within the European Union, and also simplify the exportation of technical doors.

Thanks to its continual focus on the research and development of new high-quality products, Doorsolutions is ready for this new step. As soon as the European standards come into force, our doors will bear the CE mark, and we will increase our focus on export.

It is more than obvious that I am still just as passionate about doors as I was 20 years ago. “I am still just as passionate about doors as I was 20 years ago”

Christoph Baete

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