Additional technical characteristics of the internal doors, for example, for passive construction

In addition to the fact that the internal doors can satisfy the requirements of (a combination of) stringent fire-resistant (EI1 30/60), burglar-proof (class 3) and acoustic (44 dB) standards, we also supply the products as:

  • Mechanically-reinforced doors (M 4)
  • Changing climate doors (HbV3)
  • Smokeproof doors (Sa+Sm)
  • Airtight doors (class 4)
  • Thermal doors (U 1.25 W/m².k)

The latter 2 items are necessary for passive construction.

All internal doors feature low-energy manufacturing

Our unique production system enables us to only use manufacturing residues from sawmills for the composition of the door core. In this way, for every 500 doors that we manufacture, we save the life of one large tree.

Moreover, we have been able to dispense with a number of energy-consuming stages. This has significantly reduced our ecological footprint. We only consume 50 per cent of the energy that conventional manufacturers require.

How we solve your door problems

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